Designs that combine art with function
Whilst studying for a degree in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics, I was drawn to the idea of designing objects that were both works of art and functional. I'd grown up with a wonderful old wall clock which, I realised, we all looked at several times a day. So, with their infinite design potential and constant draw to the eye, clocks became my passion.
I work with several types of metals including Nickel silver, Copper and Brass. Design and texture are created through the processes of heating, piercing, etching and engraving the metal. Each clock is fitted with quartz mechanisms.
New design range
These clocks are simpler than my Original design range. I've reduced the complexity and crucially the number of parts in their structure. Each has a simple arched metal support at the back. This has allowed me to design pieces that, though retaining the same distinctive aesthetic and crafted to the same high standards, are significantly less time and material intensive than my Original design range.​​​​​​​
Tapered square clock. Abstract leaf etch. Bright face.
w12cm, h10cm
Oval clock. Blue diamond etch.
w12.5cm, h10cm
Oval clock. Foliage etch.
w12.5cm, h11cm
Trapezium clock. Landscape etch.
w14cm h9cm
Tall arch clock. Bird etch.
w14 x h13.5cm


Triangular clock. Repeat leaf etch.

w15cm, h10cm


Wide arch clock. Shell etch.
w14cm, h9cm
Triangular clock. Moroccan etch
w15cm, h10cm
Tall arch clock. Landscape etch.
w14cm, h13.5 cm
Tapered square clock. Abstract leaf etch, blue face.
w12cm, h10cm
Wide arch clock. Blue diamond etch.
w14cm, h9cm


Tapered square clock. Spotty etch.
w12cm, h10cm
Wide arch clock. Landscape etch.
w16cm, h9cm

Rear view of Triangle clock

Original design range
The clocks in this range have been designed as functional art. I have considered the freestanding forms from all angles, so they can be enjoyed (even if only occasionally) in the round. With backs that are as interesting as their fronts, many find homes on pianos, low tables or islands. Each clock is made using up to 12 pieces of metal. Although soldering is perhaps the more conventional technique for joining metal on this scale, I prefer to use rivets. I love them for their honesty and aesthetic appeal. My influences are broad and come from both nature and manmade design. Structural patterns inspired by anything from fossils to bridges. I have always been fascinated by the use of rivets and surface decoration in old armour, where a commitment to aesthetics alongside function is so clearly evident.    ​​​​​​​
Wide rocking clock. Swooping birds
w17cm  h9cm

Diamond arch
w20cm  h12cm
Cone hat. Spotty
w12cm h10cm
Rocking handbag. Sunflower
w14cm h10cm
Triangular. Brass
w17cm h12cm
Rocking handbag. branches
w15cm h11cm
Oak wall clock. Maple leaves
diameter 21.5cm
Oak wall clock. Foliage
diameter 30cm
Squared Oak wall clock. Repeated leaf
diameter 27cm
Oak wall clock. Spotty
diameter 21.5cm
 As I make my clocks by hand, the colours and textures will vary. The above images are examples of the styles I have made, as no two clocks are identical.
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